oki-ni presents THE GAME

At oki-ni we make the everyday extraordinary. That's why, when it came to creating our latest video, we wanted to do something truly remarkable. What we came up with is this, an interactive and fully-shoppable video.

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about THE GAME

Bringing together the creative talents of director Antony Crook, Ridley Scott's RSA/Black Dog production company and the pioneering work of wireWAX, this moving editorial is fully shoppable - meaning that you can click on any outfit, while the video is playing, to shop the look.

The video is styled by Glenn Kitson, a regular oki-ni collaborator, and represents a big step forward in the functionality of online video.


Director | Antony Crook
Stylist | Glenn Kitson
Music | Kill A Man With A Joystick by d'Eon (Hippos In Tanks)
Hair | Deni Toledo and team for Sassoon using Sassoon Professional
Makeup | Gina Blondell