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STYLED by Un-Categorized


For our final STYLED of SS14 we are pleased to introduce the up-and-coming styling team UN-CATEGORIZED, led by creative partners Emelie Hultqvist & Stelios Stylianou.

Using Oscar Wilde’s libertine quote, “I can resist everything but temptation”, as a starting point, UN-CATEGORIZED have created a shoot that muses on desire and temptation, along with fashion’s power to facilitate a complete social transformation.

The stage on which this emotional battle is waged is the fitting room, where fiscal sense is played off against immediate want. To highlight this, UN-CATEGORIZED have created their own idealised version of the fitting room, which features bold geometric lines, complementary colours and exquisite modernist furniture from Knoll.

In this magic space you can enter as one thing but leave as another.


Photography: Christian Alegria
Grooming: Joshua Gibson for Sassoon using Wella & MAC
Set Design: George Lewin
Set Assistants: Tansy Haak, Ottilie Thompson
Model: Ed Hayter @ Models1
Special Thanks to Knoll furniture