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STYLED by Adrien Sauvage

about STYLED by Adrien Sauvage

STYLED by Adrien Sauvage tells a story of aspiration, casting rising model O'Shea Robertson as the young designer. Exploring issues of origin and identity, this black and white portrait series – entitled "SW Diaries" – traces a journey from the bus stop and the barbershop to the basketball court, while hinting at Sauvage's destination: the fashion scene. Wherever Sauvage's travels may have taken him so far, it's clear he's always going somewhere bigger, and that this has always been the case. Both shot and styled by the polymath creative, 'SW Diaries' offers a deeply personal self-reflective study that also sets the scene for the Sauvage's SS13.

From the age of 13, Adrien Sauvage played professional basketball, representing Great Britain at an international level. After taking an early retirement from the sport aged 19, Sauvage began to make forays into the fashion industry resulting in the establishment of British fashion house A. Sauvage in 2010.


Photography & Styling by A. Sauvage
Model - O'Shea at Select