Welcome to our new site. We're really pleased with it, and think it should make your shopping experience much smoother and quicker. However, in
case you have any questions, here is some key info about the transfer.

I'm already registered, what do I do?

Your user details and order history have been transferred, however, you will need to reset your password
here: www.oki-ni.com/members/forgotpassword.

I ordered on your old site, does this affect anything with that order?

The order will now visible on the new site. You will be able to print your invoice off, and check the details for any queries.
For recent orders, despatch will progress as normal, and refund details can be found on the order slip included with your delivery.

What has changed?

All the normal key site elements are still there, they've just been improved to help ease of use and speed.

Where is my store credit?

Your store credit may not appear at first. We have a record of all users' credit amounts. If you wish to use outstanding
credit, please contact enquiries@oki-ni.com

Why is my price displaying differently?

If you're logged in, the prices displayed should automatically show any reductions that are relevant.

Any other questions?

Please contact enquiries@oki-ni.com