Japanese DJ Zecky is a man of many talents. An accomplished DJ whose services have been utilised by Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Sofia Coppola, Zecky is also a member of the obscure disco outfit Discossession, and – more incredibly - is also a tattoo artist with over twenty years’ experience.

For his mix, Zecky has taken inspiration from two things that he discovered on his recent European tour: the first is the eclectic music that makes up the mix; while the second is a South American drink called Cevada, after which it is named. As he explains:

'I was making this mix while drinking Cevada. It is a South American that I found when I was in Portugal and I really loved it. It takes me back to that tour. Usually I play slightly sleazy and romantic sounds, but for this mix I mainly used trucks from records I bought while on my European tour.'

View Zecky's tattoo work here.