DADSDISCO by Fraser Moss of YMC

YMC's Fraser Moss invites us into the little disco in his head with the latest instalment of his Radio Buzzy podcast series, released exclusively via our MIX SERIES. Radio Buzzy allows Fraser the opportunity to delve deep into his mammoth record collection and this is the latest, all-vinyl instalment - Dad's Disco.

Each show has a theme and there are certain rules: "I wanted to try and do it on original 45s," says Fraser, "no represses, no LPs, just hardcore". Previous shows have dealt with sunshine pop and frat rock, but this mix is a journey into the world of glam.

"I was thinking more of my Dad's generation", says Fraser, "in a sweaty pub-come-discothèque, dancing to these tunes."

Each Radio Buzzy show is a labour of love, compiled by a record collector who really knows his stuff but who also approaches his subject with a lightness of touch and sense of humour. We asked Fraser if there were any stand-out tracks from this mix.

"I know it's un-PC to say, but I love that Gary Glitter song. It's the production on it and this compressed sound. It's a dance record for people who only listen to rock music and that's what I love about it. There's funk and almost a bit of soul, but it's all trash!"

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