Genre-blurring DJ and producer Will Saul has crafted an autobiographical mix of tracks that, at various points during his life, struck a chord with him and later came to influence his music. Choosing the refreshingly-transparent mix name of INSPIRATION, Will’s mix is 58-minutes of charming electronica blended with a dash of soul, a sprinkle of folk, and topped off with a soupçon of Paul Simon.

Will Saul The man behind the record labels Simple Records and Aus Music, the eclectic Will Saul muddies the water between techno, dubstep, various forms of house, and a list of other genres too numerous to mention. Innovating and exciting, Will is a shining light in contemporary electronic music.

INSPIRATION is, according to Will, ‘a mix of songs that have given me genuine hairs-on-the-back-of-my-neck-standing-up moments at different stages of my life. Whether it be as a child watching Top Gun for the first time, or sitting in the back of my Dad’s car listening to Paul Simon. I guess they are a pretty good insight into my musical DNA.

‘The mix was a LOT of fun to do’, admits Will, ‘but it ended up being quite a challenge, as once I get into doing something I become a perfectionist. I started out thinking that I’d just fade tracks in and out like a mixtape, but ended up getting Ableton out and getting into edits and detailed mixes. Hopefully it flows better as result.’

‘I also realized when I was putting the mix together that lots of my favorite tracks feature trumpets! So, I guess it’s fair to say that I must like trumpets.’