With a name that willfully calls to mind crystal swimming pools, marble terraces and the glowing Balearic hills, Villa have put together a flawlessly curated mix that is ‘the sum of songs that have inspired them in 2010’, and sounds like a 'greatest hits' from the past 12 months of electronic music, including tracks from Hot Chip, Ariel Pink and Four Tet.

Villa Few would predict that the historic city of Ghent, Belgium would be a hotbed of pioneering electronic music. However, from the New Beat of the 80s through to the thriving community of innovative dancefloor heroes such as Soulwax/2manyDjs, The Glimmers and now Villa, this unassuming city is the home of ground-breaking turntable eclecticism.

SILVERLINING is a mix put together by Fredo and Thang – the two chaps known together as Villa – in the fading months of last year. As the days were becoming shorter and the nights longer, the two of them pooled together a premature, but flawlessly selected, best of 2010 list. With old classics from Chris Rea and Daft Punk thrown in to soften the dark and pumping sections, this mix encapsulates all that was good and exciting about electronic music in 2010.