BEANS by The Magician


Stephen Fasano, aka The Magician, shocked the electronic music scene last year when, on the back of Aeroplane's successful US tour and debut LP, he announced that he was going solo. Returning as The Magician, a mysterious persona with a mix of blissed-out disco, electronic pop, and 80s-inspired sounds at his disposal, he has been steadily touring, releasing his own ‘Magic Tapes’ mixes and remixing artists such as Lykke Li and The Aikiu.

BEANS by The Magician is an immaculately programmed set full of lush textures and disco bass that sees Stephen trawl through his record collection, mixing 80s Italo-disco from Loui$ and Celophane with contemporary gems from Games and HEALTH, plus his own remix for The Aikiu - the first he produced as The Magican.

"This mix selection has been created from classics and future classics who are my principal influences when I produce music. They are mainly from the 80's or actual but very influenced by these gold years.

Loui$ 'Pink Foothpath' is in my top 10 tracks all the time. Sheer Taft "Cascade" is one of the first track I've heard in a club, it was in 1991.It's Immaterial 'Driving Away From Home' is the best link between Uk and the Balearic Islands. Celophane "Music Colors is one of the first record I've got.The Aikiu "The Red Kiss" (Precious 80's Dub) is my first remix as The Magician and it's an exclusivity, the release date is February 15th on Abracada Records...."
Stephen 'The Magician' Fasano