SUICIDE by The Golden Filter

Embracing a macabre theme, SUICIDE is the latest contribution to our MIX SERIES from The Golden Filter. This varied and diverse mix from the half-Australian/half-American duo blends tracks that have influenced the band with modern classics and is accompanied by a limited-edition screen-printed poster designed by the band.

The Golden Filter The mix itself is best described in Penelope and Stephen's words, 'as we were working on this mix, we started to realize that most of the songs we were choosing seemed to be about death and love – often interpretable as SUICIDE - a theme we have been writing about as of late in our own music.

Between the both of us, our influences - listening to 90s shoegaze, residing in the Middle East, older siblings blaring 80s avant electronic music from the next room, the French language, undanceable disco, and 70s drum machines - are all found in this mix. Music that has been with us since childhood through to current classics we have relatively recently found out about'.