TRAVELS by Tensnake

Marco Niemerski from Hamburg, known in clubs and bedrooms across the globe as Tensnake, is one of the most exciting and loved producers currently working. His mix, TRAVELS, is a flowing journey through his unique sound and includes tracks from a number of his contemporaries and peers including Motor City Drum Ensemble, Seth Troxler and Little Dragon.

"Travelling has been a major part of my life recently and this mix was inspired by some of the people that I've met and the places that I've been in the last few weeks. Mirroring the different cultures that I've experienced and the changes in pace that I've been through, the mix contains a cross section of various styles, it's got ups, downs and a few surprises - like it's own little journey. Almost like a sort of musical diary, some of the tracks are by people that I have met, or on labels that I work with, some are old favourite 'on repeats' and others simply caught my attention when I heard them and take be straight back to that place again."
Marco / Tensnake

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