SOUNDTRACKED by Still Corners

Greg from Still Corners splices together evocative themes from Italian horror movies, David Lynch's Twin Peaks, and Dirty Harry into a moody, feature-length mix exclusivly for our MIX SERIES.

London four-piece Still Corners certainly have something of the cinematic about them. Beyond their enchanting sound, built around the whispered vocals of Tessa Murray, it was a chance meeting at a station between Tessa and songwriter Greg Hughes – a scene that plays like something out of David Lean's Brief Encounter – that brought the band together.

Proud film nerds, Greg and the band look to evoke cinematic moods with their music and their debut album, Creatures of an Hour, is a glorious testament to this. Therefore, when we asked them to put together a mix for us the choice was obvious.

"All these pieces have either directly or indirectly inspired the music on Creatures of an Hour", said Greg. "Some is quite dark and some is silly, but all evoke a similar feel with fantastic imagery."

Creatures of an Hour is out now on Sub Pop. Follow Still Corners of Tumblr and Facebook.