RAGACHROME by Sleep ? Over

We originally conceived our MIX SERIES as a place where artists could “venture off the dance floor” and indulge their pet projects and niche interest. It is, therefore, refreshing to see Stefanie Franciotti, better known as Sleep ∞ Over, doing just this with her mix, RAGACHROME - a mystifying journey into the a world of lost cassette tapes and peculiar sounds. Listen out for down-tempo psychadelia, Bollywood disco numbers, and a whole load more that simply defies classification.

Stefanie explains the inspiration for the mix here:

'Right next to the Krishna Museum in Culver City [California], there is an Indian record shop that I make sure to stop by when I'm in town. The man behind the counter always gives me a free bag of tapes each time I visit. Ranging from old Bollywood-style arrangements to smatterings of disco, the mysterious and gracious clerk never ceases to hook up the tape-gems. This is a compilation of some of my favourite songs from those tapes.'

Back in early 2010, Sleep ∞ Over gained their first attention after releasing a rough demo tape recorded live on a handheld tape recorder. The lo-fi sound and unpredictable pitch-shifts of this mix mirror those humble origins, while much of the genesis of Stefanie’s sounds can be found in the peculiar sounds of this mix – if you listen closely.

The debut Sleep ∞ Over LP will be available this summer on Hippos in Tanks soon, followed by US, UK, and EU tour dates with a new backing band.

Photography | Scott Gelber