Berlin born and London based artist Sinah presents a mix of her personal bedroom anthems. A collection of the best new electronic music, it includes a range of Sinah's contemporaries such as Jamie XX, Lorn, and Holy Other.

Pronounced Xena, like the Warrior Princess, Sinah belongs to that group of remarkable young musicians who are pushing electronic music forward, drawing on a love of hip hop and blending it with the dance music to create something altogether new. Not content to simply make music, like Nicolas Jaar she has her own label, ZNA Records, and has just released her superb first EP, Nobody Know Sinah, for the very reasonable price of £0.00 (download if for free here).

Here is what she has to say about her mix:

"I decided to go for a good-mood mix, even though the songs aren't particularly happy, they groove and resonate with me in an uplifting way. I chose some of my favourite tracks, whether they come from new artists or ones that have been around for a while - their songs are timeless to me.

Feel free to jump around to it or at least swing from side to side…"

Visit Sinah's website here.