If you had to use one word to describe Rimar's sound it would be slick. For his mix, the talented young Brooklynite draws on a range of influences to create a beautiful, downtempo mix that matches sharp contemporary sounds with a haunting nostalgic quality.

With his own productions, Rimar produces a smooth sound that slides effortlessly between R&B, 70s funk, and beats, bringing to mind the best of late-90s hip hop. Here is what the young talent had this to say about his mix:

"I curated a set of tracks that define my current music tastes and really play into a specific mood. I looked for the consistencies that I found appealing between various genres - a droning bass, loud synths, chilling samples - and mixed them together, exposing how these songs coming from completely different approaches can speak similarly to express a singular emotion. It's an eclectic set of songs, derived from friends and some of my favorite blogs."

Visit Rimar's website for more beats and pieces.