RADMIX by Rick Klotz

Warriors of Radness head honcho Rick Klotz has created a mix of rad surf tunes, picked from his extensive vinyl collection, exclusively for oki-ni.

This mix tells you everything you always wanted to know about surf music (but were afraid to ask) with every surf artist worth his or her salt making an appearance, from former greats like the Beach Boys and Surf Punks to the young guns, Gantez Warrior, who are releasing their first record on Rick’s label, WOR Records.

Here’s what Rick has to say about is mix:

‘So, this is the first WOR mix I’ve ever put together. I'm an avid vinyl record collector, but I’m not into “mixing” records. But when I was really young and made mix tapes, I used to have fun recording some funny talking bits in between songs. I decided to mix up some of the Southern California lingo in between these songs. Then I realized it’s kind of like a history lesson on slang, as I’ll bet a lot of people might not realize the origins of all this Southern California slang. So I hope you’re as stoked with it as I am.’

Read the feature to learn more about the records in Rick’s mix and find out you can get a free copy of Gantez Warrior’s first 45 vinyl single.