London duo Plant Plants present a 50-minute mix exploring the much maligned and often overlooked dance movement of the early-90s: Hardcore.

Part history lesson, part education, their mix is a short course in all that is best in 90s dance, as the guys explain:

"In the wake of the seminal UK acid house raves at the end of the 80s, a new genre of dance music emerged. 'Hardcore' - a combination of sampled & sliced breakbeats, exaggerated basslines, synth stabs and vocal samples - is often overlooked and underappreciated in the history of dance music.

"However most key genres of dance music throughout the last 20 years have their roots in Hardcore (the stuttering beats of D&B + Glitch, the exaggerated use of dubby basslines in Garage + Dubsteb, even the "drop" and aggression in today's "Top 40" dance tunes) and these characteristics were perfected by the purveyors of hardcore from 91' - '93, with nods to the classic funk, dub, hip hop and R&B records at the time.

"Here's as many of our favorite Hardcore records we could cram into 50 mins - all mixed using the original vinyl of course."

Plant Plants second EP - transparently named EP2 - is out now on This Is Music. For mroe info, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.