CREPUSCULE by Pink Skull

Based around the nuclear family of veteran producers Julian Grefe and Justin Geller, Pink Skull are now something of a musical commune bound together by a love of early disco and primitive electro. This mix, CREPUSCULE, welcomes new members, Adam Sparkles and Robin Van Der Kaa, into the group and blends atypical yet catchy electronica with some new Pink Skull material.

Interestingly, Pink Skull first caught people's attention in 2004 with a mix for Brooklyn label RVNG Intl's series of DJ compilations. This mix, as well as being a mix of the bands influences, is an attempt to expand on this, as the chaps explain:

'This is our first collaborative mix effort with our newest members, Adam Sparkles and Robin Van Der Kaa. We wanted to make something that was combination of our first mix for RVNG and some of our more esoteric fare. As a result there's a lot of downtempo weirdness. We also dropped in a couple of unreleased tracks from our forthcoming new album, Psychic Welfare.'

Coming later this year on RVNG Intl, Pink Skull's new full-length release - mentioned above - develop more of their influences, encompassing Kosmische, early Chicago house, and 70s-era experimental electronica. Based on the strength of this mix, we can't wait to hear it.