Belgian musician and DJ Peter Van Hoesen has many strings to his bow: a prolific DJ deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene since the 90s, he also owns and runs two labels, Time To Express and Foton, and also finds the time to moonlight as a sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre.

For his mix, Peter conjures up a suitably-theatrical 80s mood of squealing guitars and soaring synthesisers, as he explains:

"This mix represents my listening habits from the last four or five months. Lately I have been going back to the music I was listening to when growing up - mostly new wave, post-punk, vaguely electronic sounding tracks.

It struck me that, after completing the mix, most of the tracks I selected originate from the UK. I also like to think that this is the first mix in a series that will look back on that specific (late) eighties period that is heavily represented in my record collection. I feel there's at least one other mix coming up. For now, please enjoy."