ETHEREAL by Pete Hellyer

Two weeks ago our mix series reached its half century, but this week is no less significant as our mix series editor, Pete Hellyer, is leaving oki-ni after many years of sterling service. Pete is the father of our mix series. After giving birth to it over a year ago in a scene similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger giving birth in Junior, Pete has raised the mix series through its adolescence and into maturity.

Pete is sadly leaving us, but the mix series must go on. So, we thank him for the music, the songs he’s singing, give him thanks for all the joy they’re bringing, and as a farewell we thought it would be right to let him write his own epitaph.

ETHEREAL is Pete's last hurrah. It is an accomplished mix of the tracks Pete usually plays in the office whenever we let him take control of the stereo.

Here is his mix in his own words:

'ETHEREAL is a snapshot of my head featuring artists that I’m currently listening to on rotation, such as Balam Acab, Active Child, Nguzunguzu, The Weeknd and “internet sensation” Lana Del Ray.

The mix is tied together by reoccurring motifs – lush strings, chattering percussion, and R&B vocals – and while pitched rigidly at 120bpm it moves promiscuously from future-soul to melodic-bass music, before reaching its apex with house music.

Not aimed at the dancefloor or a lounge chair, the mix is probably best for those noisy tube rides with your iPod turn up loud. Let the synths take you away to celestial spheres.'