JUSTANILLUSION by Pablo Clements (Unkle) and the Evangelist

Pablo Clements and the Evangelist – the men from U.N.K.L.E. – present our landmark 100th MIX SERIES entry, accompanied by a series of exclusive t-shirts designed by Kai & Sunny. Comprised of psych-pop and glam rock matched by exclusive reedits, this beguiling mix is a fitting birthday present for our centenarian MIX SERIES.

"This Evangelist mix tape, 'Just An Illusion', is a collection of remixes and re-edits of some of our favorite tracks that have inspired us over the years", says Pablo. "From the more obscure works of yesterday and today, to popular classics that have been reworked in the sound of the Evangelist."

As a production team, Pablo Clements and James Griffith (TOYDRUM) draw on a wide range of psychedelic pop, glam, folk, and vintage electronic influences. "Musically it has laid the foundation for our forthcoming project, The Evangelist, featuring long-time friend and collaborator Gavin Clark, whose vocals are featured on new tracks peppered throughout the mix. We hope you Enjoy!"

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