Jazz is like a hedge maze. From the outside it seems complex and compelling, those first tentative steps inside can be overwhelming, and if you take a couple of wrong turns you can quickly descend through confusion into annoyance. What you really need is a guide, someone who knows the territory who can point you in the right direction and keep you away from the dead ends.

This is exactly what French hip-hop artist and beatmaker Onra is offering with this mix: safe passage. Now, sit back let Onra take you on a guided tour of jazz, stopping off at Buster Williams, Alice Coltrane and Leon Thomas, with a bit of Kool & The Gang thrown in there for light relief.

Here’s what Onra had to say about his mix,

"I made this Jazz mix for a very selfish reason, because it has all tracks that I Iove. I just finished my next album "Chinoiseries pt. 2", and my ears really needed to listen to something other than Chinese music. Technically, it's all vinyl, "mixed" with one turntable and some effects from my mixer. My second turntable broke and this is all I could do with what I have.

Lots of (if not, all) classics in this mix: I thought it was nice to include Kool & The Gang with their tribute to John Coltrane; my favourite Japanese jazz musician, Teruo Nakamura; as well as Madlib, under the moniker of ‘Malik Flavors’.”