PUZZLE by Mustang

Mustang represents the collective efforts of Brussels duo Andy Faisca and Renaud Deru. Brought together by an obsessive love of Italo, disco, early house, and classic pop music, the pair have moved away from the DJ booth to produce their own tunes, which they have been making since 2009.

For their contribution to our MIX SERIES, Mustang have created an energetic dancefloor-ready mix of upbeat earworms that reflect their musical interests. Like light bouncing off a slowly revolving disco ball, they illuminate the dark corners of disco that you've never encountered before. They've called their mix PUZZLE and it all fits together neatly like a complex jigsaw, as they explain:

'We think we made a mix with great forgotten tracks, some souvenirs from the past, and some fresh new music that reflects the Mustang musical spirit.

It is a Puzzle composed by the "past, presents, and future" that turns into a great piece of art. We went through our musical library to come up with the best and most original tracks selected from the music we love'

Mustang's latest single, Shooting Love, is out now on Different Recordings.