BLUEPRINTS by Ulrich Schnauss

Experimental electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss rediscovers pioneering '90s electronica that established the BLUEPRINTS for today's broad array of genres – from ambient through to acid house.

"I've been mainly listening to 70s/80s/90s classic electronica over the last months", says Ulrich, "and would enjoy sharing some of my favourite (re-)discoveries".

Spanning a 5-year window from 1993 to 1997, this collection of influential tracks charts a productive period in the history of electronic music. During this time the influx of computer technology allowed electronic artists to innovate like never before, also prompting them to shift their gaze away from the dancefloor to create new genres of ambient and experimental electronic compositions designed for home listening.

As the mix's title suggests, these tracks represent the foundations upon which much of contemporary electronic music is now based. Ulrich's own ambient, freeform sound clearly owes a great debt to the early example of pioneers such as Luke Slater, LFO's Mark Bell and Detroit techno producer Kenny Larkin.

This month, Ulrich Schnauss will play at the eclectic German record label Denovali's event as part of Convergence: A Music + Technology Series. A unique series of London shows, Convergence aims to shine a light on a series of innovators who embrace new technology as a way to push music forward. The various themed shows include performances by Fuck Buttons, Mount Kimbie, Booka Shade, Jacques Greene and Koreless, amongst others.

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1. LA Synthesis – Agraphobia (Plink Plonk, 1994)
2. Luke Slater – Dreams of Children (Peacefrog, 1993)
3. Morph – Aphalon (New Electronica, 1994)
4. East Island – Sensitivity Room (Eevo Lute, 1997)
5. Speed Jack (Mark Bell) – Tone Control (R&S, 1996)
6. Kenny Larkin – Tedra (Warp, 1994)
7. Speedy J – Symmetry (Warp, 1994)
8. Sterac – Astronotes 2.5 (100% Pure, 1995/2012)
9. Lemon Sol – Sunflash (Guerilla, 1994)
10. Sensorama – Aspirin (Ladomat, 1995)