ILLUSION by Ebony Bones


Fittingly for an artist whose career has revolved around shattering misconceptions, Brixton-born Ebony Bones has created a revelatory mix that shares similar themes with her new, self-produced album, Behold, A Pale Horse.

"Whilst recording the album in Mumbai alongside members of The Symphony Orchestra of India, I discovered the original Greek translation of apocalypse means 'lifting of the veil' or 'revelation'", says Ebony, real name Ebony Thomas, "a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind, in an era dominated by misconception."

Misconception is something that Ebony constantly battles against. Described by Vogue as having "punk attitude and Caribbean roots", the Brixton songwriter is adept at wrong-footing lazy categorisation with her unique sound. Her mix, for example, skips effortlessly between genres, moving from bashment to bassline, punk to pop; all in the name of challenging perception.

"The veil hides the truth and creates illusions", she says. "Apocalypse, unlike the Hollywood misinterpretation, represents truth, awareness and the revealing of those illusions. Growing up in Brixton, selling music on my dad's vinyl stall as a kid, the music I gravitated to was all about expression of that truth. I produced the album not only because of the deficit of female producers but because it felt like a story only I could tell."

In her new sophomore album, Behold, A Pale Horse, whose title is derived from the Book of Revelations, Ebony continues to tell her tale. The album is out now on 1984 Records.

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1. Ebony Bones - A Chorus Line Intro
2. Ebony Bones - Feel The Motion
3. Missy Elliott - Work It (DJ Slink Remix)
4. The Devil & Daniel Johnston - Mountain Dew
5. Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink - Test Me
6. Ebony Bones - Morphine For The Masses
7. Tocadisco ft Nadia Ali - Better Run (Afro Jack Remix)
8. Azealis Banks - Fierce (Josh Peace Edit)
9. The Bucketheads - The Bomb (Ebony Bones Edit)
10. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling
11. Crookers & RVBRA- Pop That
12. TLC - No Scrubs (Accapella)
13. Beyonce - End Of Time (DJ Slink Remix)
14. Abel - Aegean Sea (Ebony Bones Edit)
15. Ebony Bones - Bread & Circus (Liquid Liquid Remix)
16. Optimo - Liquid Liquid
17. Mysterious City Of Gold - Mysterious City Of Gold
18. Loose Ends - Hangin On A String