"I learnt more from Wu-Tang than I ever did in school", says Eglo Records boss and Rinse FM regular Alexander Nut. Now Alex is here to pass on the knowledge, with 60 minutes of solid Wu-Tang.

Here is what Alexander has to say about his mix:

"I've wanted to make a Wu-Tang mixtape for years... since the age of 12 the Wu have been shaping my musical tastes, inspiring me creatively, broadening my mind on the subjects of philosophy, religion, world history, cosmology, science, love and, of course, street life.

"I think I can honestly say I learnt more from Wu-Tang than I ever did in school. Strange as that may sound and as inadvertent as it may be, that's the truth. Musically, the sound connected with me in an instant... the old soul samples, the Kung Fu references, the comic book characters and alter egos.

"I remember walking into Mike Lloyds Mega Store in Wolverhampton (where I'm from) and seeing 36 Chambers for the first time, I probably remembered it so clearly because my initial thought was "what the hell is this scary looking thing"...

"Whilst my favourite Wu emcee has shifted over the years, the presence of the RZA as a constant source of inspiration and enlightenment hasn't. A decade later and the importance and relevance of the Wu-Tang Clan is as strong as ever. Trying to cram a selection of my favourite Wu Tang tracks into some kind of cohesive running for a mix that lasts just 60 minutes was hard. So expect more to come, this is just volume 1! Wu-Tang Forever."

You can catch Alexander at Rootikal on Friday 1st February as part of a series of dates ahead of East Village's 5th birthday celebrations. For more from Alexander you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.