SCRAPBOOK by Night Works

Described recently by Time Out as producing "pop sharper than a surgeon's knife" former Metronomy member Gabriel Stebbing presents a beguiling mixtape of demos, outtakes, ripoffs, covers and cock-ups – with an exclusive Night Works tracks nestled somewhere in the middle.

Here is what Gabriel had to say about his mix:

"This is a look at where my head is at right now - I'm finding myself fascinated by left turns, wrong versions, and re-interpretations. The mix starts with a cock-up, and moves straight into a radical re-reading of a Chic track by Robert Wyatt. Seeing as Bowie returned this week, I had to include a track of his, alongside James Murphy's 'reinterpretation' - as Oscar Wilde says, talent borrows, genius steals. I've included my original home demo of Night Works' own 'The Eveningtime' which I made it in early 2010 - this is before Joseph Mount got his production hands on it. I've slotted it in after the Kindness track as we seem to be both shooting at a similar mood or sound-world, they seem to belong in the same folder (I wrote and recorded my demo before I was even aware of Kindness). And then bookending the mix is the blissful original version of 'At Last I Am Free', followed by another rarity from my old flames Metronomy."

Night Works debut album, Urban Heat Island, will be released on 4th March via Loose Lips Recordings. For more from Gabriel, you can visit the Night Work site, or follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud.