An acclaimed graduate of the Birmingham and Wolverhampton club scene, Mark E presents a look back through his record collection, taking in some old favourites as well as tracks from his latest musical incarnation, Project E.

"Having moved house recently it's been hard to get down and do a mix, my records are in boxes and I don't have a dedicated space right now to spread out and let it flow", says Mark. "So, for this mix for oki-ni I made a temporary set up at my home, got my record bag next to me, which I travel with most weekends, and just got stuck in."

"I think it's a good representation of what's going on with me as a DJ right now, lots of deep house edged with techno and disco, plus the new PROJECT E track 'Kinks' is in there too. I really enjoyed doing it and hope you like it too."

While Mark initially made his name with a string of successful edits and remixes in the mid-2000s, these days his output is more varied: not only is he the label boss of MERC music and one half of Project E with the keyboardist Nat Woodcock, but Mark has also worked to produce exclusive music for the Japanese brand Nonnative.

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