AFTERDARK by Tomas Barfod

Danish drummer and producer Tomas Barfod has created a New Year's Eve mix packed with deep techno and dark midnight sounds, perfectly suited to this transitional time of year.

"The best environment to listen to this is in car driving around in a big city after dark" says Tomas. "Especially for DJ mixes I like to experiment a bit, so there are a lot of songs I wouldn't dare to play in a club - it's not a party mix. It's mainly deep and dark, yet soft, techno and related music, but also I spiced it up with a few slower beats. I think it fits perfect for this time of year."

Although Tomas may be best known as the drummer and producer for Danish pop group WhoMadeWho, he has also amassed an impressive catalogue of solo work, with his new LP, 'Salton Sea', released on Friends of Friends. The album blends elements off kilter Scandinavian pop with house and techno, while the tracks Broken Glass and November Skies have featured in many 'Best of 2012' lists, becoming firm favourites wherever they are played.

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