LUNARMODULE by Becoming Real

Mirroring the otherworldly theme of our launch video , South London's Becoming Real has sent us a similarly spaced-out mix of recent favourites mixed with ambient interstellar jams.

Toby Ridler (Becoming Real's earth name) titled his mix "shaking your ass whilst inside that lunar module that eventually lands on mars", but for the sake of economy we had to shorten it to LUNARMODULE.

Here is what he Toby had to say about his mix:

"These are some tunes that I've been DJing out recently, some of them are old classics, some a bit newer. I was just gonna do a straight-up mix of old classics, but wanted to end on a bit more of a hallucinogenic vibe, hence all the spaced out ambient stuff . This is pretty much a mix that should be listened to as the sun's going down, walking out of the city into the forest or, if you have a space rocket, out of this world and into space. PEACE !"

Becoming Real's latest release, Solar Dream/Neon Deacy, is out now on Not Even. For more information, follow Becoming Real on Facebook.