LIONHEART by Mr. Statik

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, or so the saying goes. Mixes, however, is another matter. This mix, LIONHEART, from Greek-born producer Mr Statik is a deviation from the techno of his DJ sets into the early-90s alternative music of his youth, including The KLF, Smashing Pumpkins and Bauhaus.

Mr. Statik Now signed to Berlin’s BPitch Control, the accomplished techno DJ and producer Mr. Statik has used this mix as an opportunity to unearth a load of music that he could never fit into his sets, but it’s the music that was the soundtrack to his youth, as he explains.

'Growing up in Volos, which is a small but pretty energetic city, in the early 90s meant you had to make the best of it as far as "alternative music" was concerned and this mix pretty much sums that up; KLF first caught my eye, grunge was still a factor and early d'n'b was the main dancefloor influence until techno swept in.

If I had to point out stand out tracks they would definitely be KLF (which was THE main influence for me back then), Nin Ten Ichi Ryu from Photek, which I guess is the all-time favourite track of mine and "Mάγισσες" by Λένα Πλάτωνος, a greek artist who is still ahead of her time'.

Photography by Ragnar Schmuck