An Englishman in Tokyo, acclaimed DJ and producer Max Essa presents a hypnotic mix of Balearic disco that soundstracks "an exotic journey into the night".

Max made his debut as a producer in 1993 on Warp records and has since recorded and produced for a number of seminal house labels of the era including Paperecordings, D.i.Y Discs and D-Vision in Italy. Since 2005 he has busied himself with a number of solo recordings and founded his own label, Jansen Jardin, all received with applause from his peers in the nu-disco world.

For his mix, Max charts "an exotic journey through the night taking in a variety of tempos, rhythms and styles". He says that his mix is "a series of drugged reminiscences in the back of a taxi cab" and it certainly has a strained, haunting quality and a smooth relaxed groove, like a long journey into the night.

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