SEDUCTION by Marcel Dettmann

Known within dance music circles as one of the world’s most accomplished DJs, Marcel Dettmann has compiled a dark and brooding mix, not from the dancefloor of Berghain, but from the “special self” of his record collection. Essentially Germanic, his mix blends haunting Krautrock, The Cure and sections of the score from Das Boot

Marcel Dettmann A man of many acronyms, Marcel Dettmann grew up in the GDR, spent much of his youth listening to EBM and early techno in 90s Berlin, and today runs his own independent label, MDR.

A resident at Berghain, the Mecca of techno, Marcel is a DJ first and foremost. Yet he wanted to deliver more than ‘just another DJ mix’ with his contribution to our mix series. In fact, he wanted it to sound like ‘a private party in my studio’, as he explains:

‘I started to check in that special part of my record shelf where I'm normally rarely seen and there I found Cluster - Zuckerzeit, a record which was given to me by my dad because I used to listen to it so often when I was a child.’

‘The whole process of putting the tracks for the mix together evolved into an interesting journey through time for me, because there are so many special moments connected with all of these tracks, particularly with the old ones. Eingeschlossen, for example, is taken from one of my favorite soundtracks (Das Boot), produced by Klaus Doldinger.’


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