WEIRDHIGH by Low Limit


LA resident Low Limit, who makes up half of Lazer Sword, delivers a razor sharp mix of cutting edge tracks from his electronic music contemporaries.

Here are some things you need to know about Low Limit: he lives in LA; he sometimes returns to San Fran to throw parties with his crew, Icee Hot; he has had tracks released by Numbers, Fat City, and Monkeytown, with the new Lazer Sword LP due for a 2012 release on that label; and finally he runs a pretty sweet GIF blog.

For his mix, Low Limit blends a range of music that combines to create his signature sound, as he explains:

"I recorded this mix on a train between two towns in Denmark. It's a fairly up-tempo situation, though I aimed to showcase the music I really enjoy on the more bizarre and experimental side of 'house', or whatever. (I am really awful with genres names. I worked at an electronic music magazine for several years and still wouldn't be able to successfully tell you what house music is, except that it's faster than rap music - my first true love).

"On the mix there are some oldies, some new gems, and a couple curveballs."