ROMANZA by Lawrence Arabia

Kiwi artist and global traveller Lawrence Arabia presents a cinematic mix in tribute to his current home city of New York.

Below, Lawrence describes his mix ROMANZA in more eloquent terms than we could ever muster, so we will leave it with him.

"Like many travellers, I'm always kind of looking for or expecting a transcendent experience here; one that evokes the New York you imagine in film and in song. Some friends and I went down to Brooklyn Bridge Park the other evening where Patti Smith was reading some poetry and memoirs to a couple of thousand people sitting on the granite steps overlooking the East River, with lower Manhattan looming in the background.

"Not to bang on about it too sentimentally, but the whole experience was intimate, special and sublime, and as the sun went down and the sky went blue and orange and purple and the buildings in silhouette began twinkling with their romantic, yet wasteful, lights, I wanted to block out all the things that made it so gauchely Today - the Instagrams, the overprotective parents, the functional trouser pockets, the Purell - and I wanted to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.

"As my friends and I walked out towards the Brooklyn Bridge, the illusion still holding, I got the "doo-wop-sh-wop" of The Flamingos in my head and I began piecing together a musical, nocturnal New York where if you squinted your eyes and ears you could really be in that dangerous, adolescent love affair with police sirens doppler-ing a block or two away and a rather half-baked (and possibly insultingly racially sterotypical) character nearby pushing a food cart and summing the whole gosh darn situation up to you in a wise and world weary manner that can't help but make you smile."

You can catch Lawrence on his European tour throughout September and his new album, The Sparrow, is out now on Bella Union.