OURS by Krystal Klear

PLAY OURS by Krystal Klear (IN NEW WINDOW)

Irish-born Krystal Klear proves with his submission to our MIX SERIES that music and memory are indelibly tied, as he creates an upbeat summer mix of disco grooves and pop sounds that summon up people, places, and good times from his 24 years of existence.

"The past 2 years of my life have been probably the most valuable, exciting and important of the 24 years I've been on this planet" he says. "The experiences and life lessons that have occurred have, I guess, created a huge sense of gratitude towards life and everything/body who surrounds me. This was important regarding this mix because the idea behind it was that I wanted every track in the selection to reflect a moment or person that I solely associate with them. I know it sounds very farfetched, but nearly every track I listen to creates some form of nostalgia about the moment when I first heard it, the person I shared that moment with, or the place I was in for those 3, 4, 5, 10 minutes. That music was ours and, I guess, for me it always will be."

"There will always be songs that remind me of being in L.A. driving around in the sun, walking in the East Village in the snow, playing Hoya, people I have met, heartbreak I have felt, nights out with pals being steaming drunk etc. and for the first time I wanted to try reflect that as best I could with selection of songs... intimate memories that are valuable to me."

"The true beauty of this mix to me is that every track was chosen with the thought of someone or something in mind so if the people who have been in my life for the past 2 years listen to it they may recognize the moment my memory personifies when I hear them."

For more from Krystal Klear, visit his facebook, soundcloud and twitter.

(photo by Josh Gordon)