ONANDONANDON by Korallreven

Korallreven present a where-were-you-in-92 rave mix filled with acid synths, sharp rave breaks, and a little bit of Baby D's 1992 chart smash, Let Me Be Your Fantasy.

Swedish duo Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder create a spellbinding blend of ethereal electro pop with undertones of shoegaze. The pair won a lot of fans in 2011 with their honestly titled debut LP, An Album by Korallreven, and their fantastic Edgar-Allan-Poe-referencing mixtape A Dream Within A Dream, both of which are well worth seeking out.

Here is what Marcus had to say about the mix:

"I know, I know, I know that you should try to be in the moment, in the now, and that you should not always go for what's around the corner or use witchcraft to see what is in the future. Anyway, this is not what's now, this is where we will head next: into rave, into trance."