CLASSICS by Jupiter


After interviewing the Kitsuné founders and getting them to curate our latest STYLED, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a mix from them as well. They handed the job over to one of their bands, Jupiter, and the result was a blend of upbeat electro-pop that could easily find its way onto a Kitsuné Maison compilation.

Jupiter The band behind this mix, Jupiter, are a boy/girl duo from London. This might not sound very Kitsuné, but if you add the fact that they are now based in Paris and have a passion for retro electro- pop hits, and the connection becomes more clear.

Their mix is part an ode to Kitsuné and part their own manifesto, as they explain:

‘Our philosophy as a band has always been as follows: creating new sounds by challenging our inspiration against the heritage of past music. This mix is a representative sample of this approach; it's the best of both worlds.’