Usually when we ask artists to make us a mix they come back with an introspective selection of slow-paced songs pulled from the depths of their record collection. It’s refreshing then that LA producer Ezra Rubin, better known as Kingdom, went completely the other way.

A prolific producer, DJ and re-mixer; Kingdom is best known for his part in the London-based label Night Slugs - home to Bok Bok and Girl Unit. As a DJ Ezra draws heavily on influences from house, grime, crunk and warped R&B to produce a sound that has put him to the forefront of the American bass music scene. If you need an introduction then his exclusive FADETOMIND mix is the perfect place to start.

The mix is best described in Ezra’s own words...

This mix marks the inauguration of my new label Fade to Mind, and its first release, Nguzunguzu's Timesup EP. It contains songs from that EP as well as my upcoming single for Fool's Gold, "Take Me" featuring Naomi Allen of Electrik Red, among other exclusive tracks and edits from the Fade To Mind universe. Singular subwoofer visions, sideways club trax, and darksided R&B dubs.