PING by Kelpe


British beatmaker Kel Mckeown has served up a selection of tracks that owe a debt to table tennis – from Flying Lotus to Radiohead.

"As it's pretty much the only sport I like (now I'm too old to skateboard)", says Kel, "and since we just had those Olympics, this is a mix of tracks that either sample, sound like they sample, or loosely reference table tennis.

"As with any 'themed' mix some of the links for tracks are a bit tenuous, especially as I wanted to restrict it to music that I actually LIKE (no inclusion of Enrique Iglesias's Ping Pong Song here). For example, Stereolab's Ping Pong isn't really about Table Tennis but it's there in the title, and Bucephalus Bouncing Ball isn't a Table Tennis ball, but it's Aphex Twin so surely we can make allowances.

"I just wanted to make a string of music that inspires me and it's glued together, to varying degrees, by table tennis connections, at least in my mind."

Kelpe released his superb I Felt Fuzzy EP on Svetlana Industries in May. The anticipated follow up, Bags of Time, is due out on the 24th of September and you can listen to a preview of it here. For more information visit Kelpe's website.