MOHICAN by Juzu aka Moochy

oki-ni presents a truly global mix of world sounds mixed by Japanese DJ Juzu aka Moochy.

Juzu aka Moochy, has been a leading figure in the developing Japanese music scene since the early 90s. As well as DJing full time, Moochy has been involved with various musicians from a huge range of genres including d&b, techno, house, jazz and rock. A respected figure on the international music scene, he's spent time behind the decks with Adam Freeland, Fabio, Jeff Mills, Mad Professor, Q-Bert and Theo Parrish, amongst many others.

"I recorded this while I was in the most southern island in Japan, Okinawa, of which over half is occupied by the U.S. Army. The situation influenced me so much, what I felt is a huge regard for a disappearing culture in human history as well as 'Saudade'.

"The song called 'Tankou-bushi' in the middle of the mix stands out for me; it was originally sung by coal miners in the pits of Fukuoka up until the 60s. The coal miners were always working in dangerous environments, they had to prepare for the worst: the song features the line 'I do guard my company as myself'. The song sounds tough but is very beautiful. I'm proud that we have the folk song in my country. The following track is by Mercedes Sosa, a nationally popular singer in Argentine, supported by South American labors who also work in really harsh environments."