COLLEVOCE by jozif


We started our MIX SERIES to give artists an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary and young London-based DJ and producer jozif certainly got the memo. While jozif regularly keeps Europe's dancefloors moving, his contribution to our series is an old fashioned mixtape, rich in contrast and variation.

An eclectic collection of the music that jozif been drawn to over the years, COLLEVOCE (meaning "out of time") starts with the Beatle's favourite artist, Harry Nilsson, and then embarks on an hour-and-a-half journey through Primal Scream, Deep Purple, ESG and Paul Simon, to name but a few.

Here is what jozif had to say about his mix:

"I'd been thinking about this mix for some time now, making little notes on my phone as I weave and wander my way round Europe every week, listening to almost every single record that's ever been added to my iTunes over the years, discovering new and exciting sounds whist sat in Romanian airports and, more importantly, trying to remember all the amazing music I've been exposed to over the years.

"I always wanted to do something that was unashamedly representative of both the music that I was brought up on and the music that I absolutely can't live without, but along the way I think I must've changed my mind on how to put it together at least 427 times.

"Do I mix it all in key? Do I mix in time? Do group the music together by genre keeping the flow? Do I try and clean up some of the vinly versions so they sonically stand side by side with the digital versions?

"In the end, after many different versions, I deleted everything and started again, opting for a more basic approach, letting the records do that talking.

"I am so used to doing DJ mixes where, for me, everything has to be mixed nicely and in key, so approaching the mix this way was new to me, yet strangely liberating (I just wish i had another two hours for all the material that didn't make it on).

"So, what we've ended up with here is a series of records from different influences, times, people, genres, ages, inspirations. No effects, no processing, no computer trickery, just good records, glued together with vocal snippets from various dead or aging musicians."