OSCILLATE by Jacques Greene

Montreal producer Jacques Greene presents a wide-ranging mix that oscillates wildly "from slow numbers to no-holds-barred rave moments".

Belonging to that group of smart young talents who are picking up contemporary music by the ankles and shaking it until all the good stuff falls out, Jacques is a favourite on the oki-ni stereo and we are genuinely excited to have one of his mixes as part of our MIX SERIES.

Mirroring his own work, Jacques' mix spans genres with a creative irreverence, bringing together a collection of sounds into one coherent vibration.

Here is what he has to say about his mix:

"This mix is a collection of music from the worlds of pop, house, techno, and some of the weird modern cross-sections between all three. Most of the music in this mix relies on deft synth programming to establish mood, energy, direction. The mix also oscillates from slow numbers to no-holds-barred rave moments, hopefully with a common thread to hold it all together."

Catch Jacques Greene on his European tour, which kicks off June 15th. Click here for details.