Former model, photographer, musician, and all-round aesthete Hannah Cohen presents a mix that is a love letter to the warm summer sounds of '60s and '70s Brazil.

Hannah Cohen is one of those rare talents who seem able to turn their hand to any creative endeavour. Previously a hidden treasure of the New York art scene, Hannah is now getting the global recognition that her talent deserves, as both a musician and photographer: last year her first photography book, "Fotografias Brazil", was published, while her debut album, "Child Bride", was released in April of this year.

For her mix, Hannah returns to Brazil – a country and culture that has inspired much of her music and photography. Hannah notes that for the past five-or-so years she has been addicted to the sound of 1960s Brazil and her mix is a collection of some of her favourite tracks from the period, as she explains:

"It was extremely difficult to pare down to JUST 10 songs for this playlist. I have hundreds of songs I want to share and I wish I could turn everyone on to 60s and 70s Brazil. I hope these songs spark your interest."