LEAVING by Gregor Tresher

Gregor Tresher is a veteran of the DJ game. Stating his career in Frankfurt in the early 90s, he has since gained acclaim as a producer, artist and DJ, with his music taking him around the world – from Berlin to Tokyo.

This mix, however, mirrors the more refined approach to dance music that features on Gregor’s latest album ‘Lights From the Inside’. With his dark and atmospheric music, Gregor aims to make music that ‘makes you dance and cry at the same time’, as he explains:

‘It was a great opportunity to create a mix a bit out-of-the-ordinary exclusively for oki-ni and include some of my all-time favorite tracks from different genres. You can find music by artists like Ruxpin, Aphex Twin, Claro Intelecto and Mathew Jonson but also bands like The Cure and Interpol; both of which I¹ve edited for use in my DJ-sets.

The original release dates of these songs range from 1989 until today, but I never get tired of listening to any single one of them. At the end, I included an edit of a song from my new album since it not only inspired the name of this mix, but I often play it as a last song in my DJ-sets as well.

I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as I did making it.’