Will Ozanne presents a wonderfully jumbled mix that captures his unique style, while also acting as a constellation map for some of his key influences.

Part of the joy of our MIX SERIES is that we get to work with exciting new acts; acts who occupy a space all of their own, while also moving into previously undiscovered or neglected areas of music. Gang Colours, the stage name chosen by Will Ozanne, is one of those acts.

Referencing the ethereal Laurie Anderson and UK Garage as two areas of influence, Will comes across like a space age Chet Baker, gently crooning across the piano keys while sparse, post-dubstep beats keep time.

"I was going to make a straight up house mix, but then as usual I got restless and went all over the place", says Will, describing his mix. "So, it ended up being a mix featuring artists that have inspired me in the past and some who are inspiring me now. Towards the end of the mix I even joined the present and past in some weird mashup thing featuring Dizzee Rascal! Hope you enjoy the ride."

Gang Colours superb debut LP, The Keychain Collection, is out now on Browneswood Recordings.

(Photo credit | Jess Piper)