ENTRANCE by Exercise One

This week's mix sees us revisit the dark, disturbing 80s with one half of the Berlin techno duo Exercise One. Producer Marco Freivogel has created a brooding mix of new wave and industrial tracks that soundtracked the early years of his musical discovery.

Named ENTRANCE, Marco's mix moves beyond the gateway sounds of Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and The Cure, and instead leads you down a more obscure path that snakes its way between Bauhaus, Section 25, and Cabaret Voltaire. It is an introduction to another aural world – one that had us completely entranced.

Here is what Marco has to say about his mix:

"Skipping through my record collection for this mix, I got stuck back into my early years - the years of my personal musical discovery. There was no musical education from my parents, for me it was all about my wider environment. I was absorbed by the new wave scene, my friends were often older and introduced me to music from the 70s.

"Tracks like Bauhaus' incredible Bela Lugosi's Dead or Suicides' I Remember were tracks I discovered from the ages of 14 to 18, which was '86 to '90, and they are still a huge influence on me today. I listen to them now with the same passion and attention as 25 years ago. I love how they sound, and I'm impressed understanding what limited circumstances they were recorded under (mostly with a Tascam 4 track recorder).

"My introduction to the artists on this mix were Depeche Mode, Joy Division and The Cure - but I didn't put any tracks from them on here because everyone already knows them. So these are the artists who mark my entrance to the music scene - first new wave and industrial and a bit later on to techno – listen, dance and enjoy!"

Exercise One will also be debuting their new live show – all hardware, no computers – at Panorama Bar in Berlin on February 18th. Berlin MIX SERIES fans can get tickets here.