PEAL by Ewan Pearson

For his mix PEAL, acclaimed recording artist, producer, remixer and DJ, Ewan Pearson takes a well-deserved day off to deliver a melodic mix of 'home-listening'. Seamlessly mixed, this ambient compilation features Superpitcher, Sian Alice Group and Isolée, among others.

Ewan Pearson Here, the man-of-many-talents, describes his mix and the thinking behind it.

‘"Peal" is kind of a home-listening mix I guess, in the sense that this is the kind of thing I listen to when I'm not at work. All I knew when I started was that I didn't want to put any house or techno in it.

I haven't quite kept to that original plan; there is an Isolée track in there, along with a couple of proto or ambient techno things. But it was meant to be pretty abstract or contrapuntal stuff, plenty of mood and melody and a few songs at the close also.

It's called "peal" because it's full of bells, and even when there aren't any lots of the music seems to fall and chime like bells do.  

I hope you like it.’

Ewan Pearson.