SERENUS by Dubby

Toshihito Maeyama, known to us as Dubby, is our main man in Japan, but outside of the office is an avid record collector and accomplished international DJ. So, when we decided to contribute an inhouse mix to our MIX SERIES, Dubby was the obvious choice to take control.

His mix SERENUS is an attempt to soundtrack a relaxed summer afternoon - the sky is clear and the sun is shining. An obscure but rewarding collection of music, the mix includes Spanish & Brazilian jazz, fusion, and new age sounds.

Dubby had this to say about his mix:

‘I wanted this mix to feel like a relaxing afternoon under a bright and clear sky. I have been collecting records for a long time and I happened to pick songs that have been in my collection for a while. It was a nice way to share these great songs and to introduce them to a new audience.

Because entries to the oki-ni MIX SERIES are supposed to different from your usual style I wanted to try and do something more danceable. But, in the end, I realised that I couldn’t leave out my favourite records!

That said, I can’t really pick out my favourite song from the mix. Although, Spanish & Brazilian jazz, fusion and new age tunes like those by Joan Bibiloni are particularly precious to me.’