d'Eon's life story reads like the plot of a superhero comic. Fleeing the city, our hero spent time in an isolated Himalayan monastery studying Tibetan music. Then, after years of meditative study, he returned to us and with the help of fellow musical renegade, Oneohtrix Point Never, is daring to create the expansive electronic music, no matter the cost.

This mix is typical of d’Eon, running the gamut of experimental electronica. Named after a black hole, SINGULARITY just might swallow you up.

Canadian born, d'Eon is signed to LA label-of-the-moment, Hippos In Tanks, and is an active part of the burgeoning underground experimental scene over there.

Of his mix he is typically meditative and introspective:

'Telecommunications has singularised the world's music and all music is rubbing up against each other in “the cloud”, like water molecules.

This is a no-frills mix of some of my favourite tracks including old masters and contemporaries that I think deserve more attention. Most of these tracks are massively important to me personally, and are probably more important to the rest of the world than meets the eye.'